The Holford group supports bringing science out of the laboratory and into informal learning arenas such as museums, theaters, and parks.

Here's our AMNH SciCafe for a General Audience: Mollusks to Medicine SciCafe

HHMI Profile: Women in Science


Dr. Mandë Holford was selected as 1 of 6 women scientist to be profiled in the Science Friday/ Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science series. Science Friday, a nationally broadcast radio program in the U.S. collaborated with Howard Hughes Medical Institute to produce six short films about women scientists in leadership positions.

Ligo Project: Artist in Residence at the Holford Lab


The Art of Science pairs up Mande Holford with a artist Jackie Lima, for a 6-month collaboration; merging artistic and scientific research frameworks to explore fundamental questions that interest and affect us all. Art of Science leverages art-science collaboration to advance scientific literacy, foster cross-disciplinary frameworks, and develop novel methods across disciplines.

EST/Sloane - What makes a good science play?


Dr. Mandë Holford, physicist Brian Greene, and playwrights Lucas Hnath and Deb Laufer joined Science Editor Steve Mirsky to discuss “What Could Make A Great Play About Science” at the Ensemble Studio Theater/Sloan Artist Cultivation.

Recruitment and Retention of Women in RAISE-W


RAISE-W will empower undergraduate, graduate and early career pre-tenure women in STEM fields with the skills and tools that will enable them to advance in the STEM disciplines through out their career. 

Discovering Marine Biology in Papua New Guinea


Our planet Reviewed at Madang Festival, Papua New Guinea by Juliette Gorson and Mande Holford.

World Science Festival – Biochemist Apprentice


The Holford Lab regularly participates in the World Science Festival with the workshop for kids (5th-8th grades) Biochemist Apprentice.

Rockefeller Science Saturday – Mollusks and Medicines


The Holford lab participated in the Rockefeller Science Saturday 2016, with the talk “The Journey from Marine Snails to Medicine” for kids (grades K-4) and the interactive hands-on demonstration “Mollusks & Medicines”.

Mentoring K-12 School Students and Teachers


The Holford group participates in the American Museum of Natural History’s  (AMNH) Science Research Mentoring Program (SHRMP)

Science Events for the Lay Public


The Holford group participates in several annual activities that showcase scientific discoveries to the lay public.