The Holford group supports bringing science out of the laboratory
and into informal learning arenas such as museums, theaters, and parks.

Discoving marine biology in Papua New Guinea

  • Our planet Reviewed at Madang Festival, Papua New Guinea by Juliette Gorson and Mande Holford.

Recruitment and retention of women in RAISE-W

  • RAISE-W will empower undergraduate, graduate and early career pre-tenure women in STEM fields with the skills and tools that will enable them to advance in the STEM disciplines through out their career. 

Mentoring K-12 school students and teachers

Rockefeller Science Saturday – Mollusks and Medicines

  • The Holford lab participated in the Rockefeller Science Saturday 2016, with the talk “The Journey from Marine Snails to Medicine” for kids (grades K-4) and the interactive hands-on demonstration “Mollusks & Medicines”.

Science events for the lay public

  • The Holford group participates in several annual activities that showcase scientific discoveries to the lay public. 

World Science Festival – Biochemist Apprentice

  • The Holford Lab regularly participates in the World Science Festival with the workshop for kids (5th-8th grades) Biochemist Apprentice.